Year 1 Week 8

    I have learned a new word.  It is "no".  I think it is fun to run around the house saying "no" over and over.  I haven't learned "yes" though.  Maybe it has to do with the number of times that I hear them...  I have also learned "nana" which is banana and "NaNa" which is what I call Grandma McQueen.  They sound remarkably similar to everybody but me.  I know which one I mean.
    I am also starting to be more like a big boy.  I need to learn a lot of things before my little brother gets here.  I now walk on my own in the store (holding onto somebody's hand of course), I can feed my self, I brush my own teeth, I can take off my own shoes (although I am not supposed to), and as you can see below, I have started to shave.  I also had to move up to the next size of cloth diapers after being at this size for 6 months.  I am so big that my daddy made sure that I could reach the handle when we were looking at new lawnmowers.  I think he has some big ideas for this summer.

1. 2. 3. 1-3.  I am getting pretty good at playing the piano.  Every chance I get I run for it.
4. 5. 6. 4.  I am so happy to see my daddy...
5.  but where's mommy?
6.  I've got to get rid of this five o'clock shadow before my date gets here.
7. 8. 9. 7-9.  I know I am not supposed to stand so close to the TV, but I really like this part.
10. 11. 12. 10.  Who says I won't be able to see where I am going?  I can walk around just fine.  The railing will move.
11-12.  Switch back and forth between these pictures quickly.  It is pretty funny.

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