Year 1 Week 7

    These past couple of weeks have been interesting.  My dad has been working extra hard in the hospital supervising the residents.  My mom has been teaching piano a lot and had a lot of responsibilities with the piano competition.  It looks like the upcoming week will be a better though.
    My parents were wondering why I was having trouble sleeping and it seemed like I did not want to eat.  I tried to tell them, and they finally caught on that one of my molars was coming in.  It is a big one too.  No wonder there was so much pain.  Now that it has broken through I am back to being my happy self.
    One of my newer tricks is to climb onto the couch and walk up and down it.  I scare everybody when I do it though.  My mom says that I am going to "break my neck".  She just gets worried.  I just think it is cool to be that tall.  I also like to climb up and sit with my dad and read together.  In fact, I like to do a lot of things that he does.  We brush our teeth together, I comb my own hair, I can make all kinds of funny noises with my mouth, and I can give a pretty good "high-five".

1. 2. 3. 1.  I found their hiding place.  I finally got my hands on the best remote.
2.  Well of course I am happy to see you.
3.  My toybox bins are also useful for seeing places I am not supposed to.
4. 5. 6. 4-5.  Isn't this a great face for my dad to come home to?
6. And then I bug him until he picks me up.
7. 8. 9. 7.  My dad and I like to read together on the couch.
8.  I take care of the newspaper when he is done with it.
9.  I found a new toy (my dad's PDA).  Now they are going to have to get me one of these too to go with my phone, computer and pager.
10. 11. 12. 10.  Who is paging me now?
11.  I will look in your ears...
12.  right after I am done looking in my own.
13. 14. 15. 13.  Don't I have a great smile?
14.  I am very helpful around the house.  I even help put away the groceries.  (Don't ask why I needed the toilet brush to help me.)
15.  I also wheel the diaper pail out of my room to do the laundry.

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