Year 1 Week 1

Now that I have a year behind me I feel much more confident about life.  I can hardly wait to show my new brother or sister "the ropes".  I will have to show him/her how to be colicky (at least for the first three months), how to play the piano, how to throw mashed bananas on the floor (and then very cutely say "Uh-oh"), and how to talk on the phone.  These are all good skills to have.  I have learned how to delicately do something naughty, like unroll a whole roll of toilet paper, and pair it with something so cute, like walking around in circles with toilet paper stuck to my foot, that they can't help but love me.  I can hardly wait.
   The best present I got for my birthday was that my eye unclogged!  For the last year I have had to live with my parents wiping away nasty yellow crust from my left eye a dozen times a day.  Then all of a sudden on my birthday it stopped.  My parents can hardly stop saying how much better I look without a constantly crusty eye - didn't they think I was cute anyways? :(  Just in case, though, we still have a eye doctor's exam to check it out later this month.
   In the pictures below you can see the project I have been helping my parents with.  We have removed all of the carpet in the downstairs living room, and my dad spent many hours on his hands and knees with a hammer and chisel chopping away the old tile all in preparation for a new tile floor.  I helped a little by holding the chisel for him.  I am also helping them pick out the tile.  I will keep you updated as to how things are going.
   There are not very many pictures this week because we have been doing so much with the downstairs.

1. 2. 3. 1.  I love my new bath that Uncle Andy got me.  It is big and soft, and I can splash in it. 
2.  My favorite game is to drop my bath toys outside of the tub and watch my dad pick them up.
3.  My parents never get sick of pictures of my playing the piano.  I just look so cute and grown-up.
4. 5. 6. 4.  I think we should go with the big, light beige one tile...
5.  There's that chisel I was looking for.
6.  I have to concentrate on walking, carrying this heavy chisel, and taking care not to drop it on my foot.
7. 8. 7.  I had a great daycare birthday party.
8.  The birthday cake my mom made.
9. 10. 11. 9-11.  I had free reign to eat my birthday cake any way that I wanted.  I chose messy.

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