(updated 1/9/05)

Sorry about the huge delay in updating the website.  We were traveling for the holidays and then we had a lot of things to do around the house when we got back.  This is long, but we had to make up for a lot of time.

    We had a great time visiting family this past holidays.  Despite this, I would have to say it was not a good holiday vacation for us.  It all started on December 22nd when we left for Rochester, NY.  It was a very hurried day that day.  My dad had to work that morning.  I went to daycare.  My mom had to go to downtown Minneapolis.  Everybody met back at the house just in time for our friend Igor to bring us to the airport.  We made it on time, but as always the security slowed things up a lot.  We only had a few minutes to spare to catch the plane.  We flew first to Cincinnati.  That is where the fun started.
    Unbeknownst to us, Cincinnati was having the worst snow/ice storm in years.  Our flight out of Cincinnati at 7:50pm was cancelled.  They put us on a flight to Buffalo, NY at 11:30pm.  That was cancelled too.  We were going to have spend the night.  Because of me, we were able to get a discounted hotel room (not free because the delay was due to the weather).  When we got to the hotel shuttle place we found hundreds of other people waiting for the same shuttles.  After being shoved out of the way for 1 hour in the freezing cold (there was no such thing as women and children first), we decided to try for a cab.  After standing in the cab line for 2 hours we were told that a state of emergency had been declared and there would be no more cabs allowed.  Since we could not get our car seat, my dad could not even take advantage of the rental car he had reserved just in case at the beginning of the day.  We could not get to our hotel, so we ended up "sleeping" on the floor of the baggage claim area.  There were so many noises and lights and people that I could only sleep for 1-2 hours at a time.
    The next day we tried to get another flight to Rochester at 7:50pm.  At 5pm we found out that all flights had been cancelled for the day.  This time we were able to get a hotel room.  The earliest next flight was on Christmas morning (two days from then), so we had fun in the hotel.  We had no clothes, so we all bought some souvenir T-shirts.  Christmas morning the airline computers went down and our flight was cancelled again.  After standing in a line from 8am to 2pm we found out that the earliest we could fly out would be the 27th!  Even then, they could not guarantee we would fly.  That is when Nana and Grandpa McQueen decided to come and get us.  They drove 20 hours round trip from Rochester to get us.  We drove through the night and were in Rochester the next morning.
    We spent that Sunday with Grandpa Sick, Memere and my Uncles Ben and Travis celebrating Christmas.  I got lots of great stuff.  The next morning my mom and dad signed the papers to buy Nanny's house.  We then went to visit Nana, Grandpa McQueen, Aunt Melissa and Uncle Cory.  That night I got to open even more presents.  Of course everywhere I went I got more presents then everybody else.  It was not until the next day that we finally got our luggage.  Fortunately we got some clothes for Christmas.
    On the 29th we went to Grandma and Grandpa Branzburg's house in Florida.  Even though we had to fly through Cincinnati again, we made it there this time.  There were no problems with this flight.  While there we had lots of parties.  We had a big New Year's celebration.  My parents stayed up until 3:30am.  I decided to get up at 5am that morning to play with my new toys.  It's was not my fault that they went to bed so late.  The next day we celebrated Grandma Branzburg's birthday.  We stayed in Florida until January 2nd when we had to come back to Minnesota.
    To add to the holiday cheer, on New Year's Eve, while we were in Florida, my dad found out that the water main to our house had burst.  Our housesitter had noticed a wet carpet downstairs and quickly turned off the water.  The carpet was ruined.
    We arrived back in Minnesota just fine.  This time we flew through Atlanta.  As a cap to a very tragic vacation, the airline lost our luggage on the way back.  Daddy's friends were there to pick us up, and we had no car seat.  I had to ride buckled-in in the back seat.  We made it home safely. 

Despite all of our misfortune we are very fortunate that everybody is in good health.  We tried to keep our spirits high.  To be honest, I had fun.  I got to sleep in an airport, play in a hotel, visit with three sets of grandparents and open lots of presents.  Plus we got to tell everybody that I am going to have a new little brother or sister in June.

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1. 2. 3. 1-3.  The theme here is that I tend to shove too much food in my mouth.  Sometimes I have to use my hand to hold it all in.
4. 4.  All alone in a big room with my new toy.  I like that I have lots of room to run around and play.

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