Alexander Week 44
November 6-12, 2004

    Not very many new things happened this week.  We did have a presidential election last week.  My mom and dad voted as did 78% of Minnesotans.  What can I say.  We did our best.
    I think I am starting to say a couple of words that mean something.  I have learned that when I drop my pieces of mashed banana on the carpet that I am supposed to say "uh oh" which I can do pretty well.  Sometimes my parents say "uh oh", but if I do it enough times in a row, they say something different that I have not been able to catch.  I'll work on it and let you know what it is.
    My eating habits have changed too.  I hardly drink any breast milk anymore.  We are finally using up the gallons of it in our freezer by mixing it with my cereal in the morning.  I mostly eat big people food now.  Some of my favorites are cottage cheese, broccoli, vegetable soup, apples and bananas.  And of course I still also like my Cheerios.  There is very little that I do not like.
    I am also becoming a lot more adventurous.  If my parents are not watching carefully I can crawl down the hall to the piano and play a couple of tunes before they know I am gone.  I also like the toilet water.  They bought this lock thing so I can not get into it, but just give it some time.  I am smarter than they think.  My other favorite thing is to rush down the hall and be halfway up the stairs before they can catch me.  With me around there is no such thing as relaxing family time.


1. 2. 3. 1-3.  My dad was trying to teach me to juggle.  Check out the videos.  I can almost do it.
4. 5. 6. 4-6.  They did not even know I was gone until they heard me playing the piano.  How can I resist?  It makes such loud noises.

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