Alexander Week 37
September 18-24, 2004

  I am so excited, I wet myself (okay, maybe I wet myself before I got excited).  I finally have a new bedroom.  My parents have spent the entire weekend working painting my bedroom.  It is one of the best looking rooms in the house.  My dad started early Saturday and spackled, sanded, washed, taped, primed and then painted.  He started in the closet just in case the color was not that great.  It was a little too bright of a yellow color.  So we all went and picked out a lighter shade of yellow for the rest of the room.  I required two coats.  They worked hard until Sunday night.  And it looks great.
   Otherwise I am doing great with daycare.  More often than not I go down for my naps with hardly a whimper.  I play with the other kids.  I count to ten in Russian (sorry, I got a little carried away bragging about myself).  Of course, I get the biggest smile when my mom comes to pick me up, but I have a good time while I am there.


1. 2. 3. 1. It is kind of weird, but I really like to chew on the window cranks.  Every time I am near a window I can not help myself.  Here I am in my parent's bedroom.
2. This is the dining room window.
3. I am chewing the bedroom crank while reaching for the dining room crank.
4. 5. 6. 4-5. Maybe if I crawl up her leg and smile real nice she will pick me up.
6. Posing for the camera.
7. 8. 7. I escaped from my diaper change.  I had things to do.  I needed to go play with my car.
8. and climb the diaper pail.