Alexander Week 36
September 11-17, 2004

   I am really getting into this day care thing.  I love to play with all of the toys and the other people.  I take good naps.  Although, the best part of the day is still when my mommy shows up to pick me up.  Now that my mom has started to teach at home I have had to stay with a lot of different babysitters.  Brooke visits on Tuesday, Ashley on Wednesday and Bridget on Thursday.  They come over when my mom starts teaching and stay until my dad comes home.  Of course everybody says how good I am and how cute I am.
   My dad is on call with his team every 4th night.  Unlike residency this means that he is home by 7 or 8 at night.  He does not have to stay overnight, and I am really glad for that.  It is so nice to have him home every night. 
   My mom is busy too.  She teaches three days a week at home and spends the days working for the piano competition.  She also has a new job teaching piano lessons to college students at Hamlin University.  For now it only for a year because she is filling in for somebody else.  She hopes that it turns into something more permanent.

1. 2. 3. 1.  An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
2.  I figure if I eat the whole bag I won't have to get any more shots until I am 10 years old.
3.  Mr. Peepers (a character from a Saturday Night Live skit)