Alexander Week 31
August 7-13, 2004

   My world has changed now that I can sit up from a crawl.  I can do it just about any time that I want.  My dad got a little worried when he walked in and I was standing against the railing of the crib.  That meant that my dad had to put the crib bottom at the lowest setting, so I will not flip over.  Wait until he finds out that I can walk.
   The weather is nice around here, so my mom has been doing a lot of painting in the garage.  I get to stay out there with her and watch her from my walker.  She has been painting mostly the dining table, and now she has moved onto a white bookcase and the microwave stand.  They look very cool.
    Me and mom have still been actively going to the same Mom/Baby group that we have gone do since I was born.  I have been able to watch my friends grow and compare my skills to theirs.  They have even been over to our house.  We share toys although mostly it is a time for me to steal their stuff.  I am working on how to share.

1. 2. 3. 1-3.  I can hardly wait till my mom gets back from her meeting.  I am just going to stand by the window until she gets home.
4. 5. 6. 4-5.  There she is!!  Sometimes I get so excited I drool a little bit. 
6.  I know it is not connected to anything, but after trying to grab my mom and dad's all the time they gave me this one to play with.  I'll just use theirs when they aren't looking.
7. 8. 9. 7-9.  Caught in the act!
10. 11. 10-11.  My mom's belly is so squishy and comfortable.
12. 13. 14. 12.  You want me to play a little Beethoven?
13.  Here I go.
14.  What did you think?  Personally, I thought I was great.