Alexander Week 29
July 24-30, 2004

Well my parents are finally doing something with my room.  On the 30th we went and bought me a dresser/changing table from Ikea.  I was getting so tired of being changed on a pad on the floor.  Plus I know that they appreciate not having the back pain of lifting me up and down off of the floor.  Now all I hear about is how they are going to paint the walls and put up curtains and make it look better.
    Not much else has happened this past week.  We did have a visit from some friends who were visiting from my mom's home town in Russia (Novosibirsk).  It was like being at Grandma and Grandpa Branzburg's house because everybody was talking in Russian.  My parents took some really cute pictures of me discovering Tupperware.


1. 2. 3. 1.  Spot me dad.  I am going for 5 pounds.
2.  I try to do 50 push-ups every morning.  Someday I will crawl so fast they can not catch me.
3.  Just like the shirts says I am "Mommy's Little Buddy".
4. 4.  "Pick me up, mommy.!"