Alexander Week 28
July 17-23 , 2004

It took us a little while to be adjusted to being back in Minnesota.  First of all the time difference changed my sleep and wake times.  Then, I was so used to being held by everybody that I did not want to be left alone for even a couple of seconds.  Every time they tried to leave me I just cried.  They did not care, so I told them I was going to tell everybody on the web what bad parents they are.
   On Monday we went to my dad's clinic going away party.  The last time that everybody there had seen me was just before I was born (see Week 1).  They are really great people, and it will be sad not to see them again.
   The rest of the week was routine.  My dad moonlighted.  My mom worked on the piano competition stuff.  I ate, played and slept.  I did my best to show them how the house is not babyproofed.  I played with the mini-blind cords, outlets, stairs and power cords.  I think they got the idea.  All of a sudden all of those things are gone.
    I forgot to mention that I had my six month check-up.  Here are my stats: Length 28 1/4in (90-95th percentile), Weight 21lb 12 1/2oz (>95th percentile) and Head 17 3/4in (80th percentile).  That weight is the same as an average 12 month old!  Other than my shots and the blocked tear duct, everything was great.


1.. 2. 3. 1. Wait a minute.  The pizza is in the box?
2-3.  Like my dad I like remotes.  Although I chew on them more than he does.
4. 4.  Of course after I escape from the diaper change I will have to find some pants.