Alexander Week 24
June 19-25, 2004

As many of you know, Nanny died on June 20th.  Our whole family feels very fortunate to have seen her before she died.  I will never remember it except through the pictures I have of the two of us, but my parents will have some very precious memories.
   This past week has been a big developmental growth time.  I am sitting much better on my own, but sometimes I get so excited I tense up and fall.  I am also moving around a lot.  I can not quite explain how I do.  It is not quite a crawl.  I push and pull with my arms and can move surprisingly far like that.  My parents are all worried now.  My dad hurried up and put up a railing on the stairs and my mom lowered the floor of my crib so I can not pull myself over the side.  They give me too much credit.


1. 2. 3. 1-2.  Dogs are fun; they are soft and fuzzy and they are my level.
3-4.  Wait a minute.  Nobody said that they lick.
4. 5. 6. 5-6.  It looks like a nipple. Let me see how it tastes.  Kind of woody.
7. 8. 9. 7-9.  I had a great visit with Nanny. 
10. 11. 12. 10.  Nana and me.
11.  Great-grandma and me.
12.  Standing with grandpa.
13. 14. 15. 13-16.  I got me meet my cousin Max.  We are almost the same size, but he is 2 months older than me.
16. 17. 18. 16.  Are all of these people really my relatives?
17.  How come everybody thinks that I can walk?
19. 20. 21. 19-21.  Too many people overlook the simple pleasure of sucking on your toes.  Not me.
22. 23. 24. 22.  I got to flirt with the stewardesses on my first plane ride.
23.  This is my seat.  Keep your hands off.
24.  Where are my drink and pretzels?  I rang the buzzer 5 minutes ago.
25. 25.  Finally.