Alexander Week 23
June 12-18, 2004

I had a very interesting weekend (the 17-18th).  The whole family took a quick trip back to Rochester to visit Nanny.  Nanny was feeling bad and she needed my help in feeling better.  It was so nice to meet her.  I know that my mommy and daddy love her very much and wanted to make sure that we met.  It was a very special time for all of us.


1.. 2. 3. 1-2. These are all the ways that they try to keep me happy.  They work for about 15 minutes.
3. Party for my friend Charles Vaughn.
4. 5. 6. 4-6.  Sometimes they let me feed myself.... 
7. 8. 9. 7-8.  Other times they hold me down so I don't make a mess...
9.  In the end it makes no difference.
10. 11. 12. 10-11. Now that I have mastered Beethoven and Bach, let me try a little Mozart.
12. As you can see above, I need practice with my spoon.
13. 14. 13-14. I like to dance with mom.