Alexander Week 14
April 10-16, 2004

    Since the weather has been so nice we have been taking a lot of walks.  This past week it has been mostly in the 70s but my mom still makes me wear my snowsuit.  It is probably a good idea because my face is pretty cold by the time I get back home.  I keep getting bigger and bigger.  When I see other kids my age I realize that I am about the biggest one.  I am curious how much weight I have gained this past month.  I have been trying to watch my figure, and all of that breast milk is making me fat.  I am also starting to drool a lot.  My mom and dad think I make a mess.  I just think the world is too dry and needs to be a little juicier.

1. 2. 1. Not again!  She is ALWAYS kissing me.
2. Going for a nightly walk wearing Grandma and Grandpa McQueen's bear suit.
3. 4. 5. 3-5. I am very smiley.